Whale Watching in Ulsan (and being on TV)

Whale Watching In Ulsan, or as the Koreans like to call it: Jangsaengpo Special Whale Culture Zone.

You might ask, “What is the perfect excursion for a group of ladies looking for a relaxing time on a Sunday afternoon?”

 I might respond with, “What a spectacular question, my dear reader. As it happens, in Ulsan one can take a bus to the Jangsaengpo Special Whale Culture Zone and embark on a nautical adventure of a picturesque nature.”

Sunday morning dawned sunny and bright, as we all made our way to the meeting point. We hopped onto a bus, hoping it was the right one, and awaited our arrival at Jangsaengpo. 

Is there anything better than sunshine and friends?

While waiting for our departure time, we explored the area and its various nautical particularities.

Finally, we lined up and were allowed to board our vessel. It was a lovely and spacious ferry, with several levels and seating areas. We made our way directly to the top deck, and I am glad we did as the seats filled quite quickly. 

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Andre Gide

There is something quite majestic about a ship…

Oh, how I love this mountainous country!

That Time I was Interviewed for Korean TV

about an hour into our trip I feel a tap, tap, on my shoulder.

 “Excuse me, can you interview for KBS?” asked a shy sounding man in a yellow jacket.

This has happened to me several times to me while living in Korea, and each time is more awkward than the last (I was also interviewed at the Ulsan Whale Festival). 

Me: Ummmm……..ok, sure…… I can …… no problem.     

 I wish I had been composed and articulate in my response, but cameras make me nervous. 

Man: Thank you. What do you think of whale watching tour?

We hadn’t seen any whales at this point, what do I say?

Me: It is very fun, and the weather is beautiful!

When in doubt, always talk about the weather, it’s a safe topic.

Man: Will you be disappointment if no whales to see?

Me: Yes, that will be sad, but I am still having fun with my friends, and the weather is beautiful!

I blocked out the rest of the interview. I have this vague notion that he might have asked me those same two questions a few more times, only worded differently. It was awkward and I felt like an idiot, however, the KBS man was friendly and very gracious. I don;t know if I will ever feel comfortable in front of a camera!

Unfortunately, as my KBS man foresaw, we did not happen to spot any whales. Nonetheless, it was a lovely afternoon spent in the company of good friends. We were informed that the best time to see whales is actually in the springtime.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful day!


To visit the website for more information click here.  (this should be the English version).

For directions from Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal click here.

For information on making a reservation click here.

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