Enjoying the Ulsan Water Gun Festival

One of my favorite things about Korea is it’s plethora of quirky festivals

One of my favorite festivals in Korea occurred on an overcast Sunday afternoon. We made our way to the center of old-downtown, Ulsan. Upon approaching the fire station the sound of k-pop assaulted our ears while various soaked persons passed by on the sidewalk.

The entire street in front of the fire station was cordoned off with a raised stage and k-pop playing DJ at the front. We knew right then and there we had to join in the chaos. 

Armed and ready, with my beautiful red backpack water gun purchased, and our perishables stowed away in the “keep your stuff dry here tent”, I jumped into the fray.

Along with the water gun wars there was a massive water balloon fight, during which I learned that most of the people present needed some serious throwing practice. It was still fun despite the lack of throwing ability.

There were many moments that turned into let’s gang up and attack the foreigners, but even those were quite enjoyable. What is better than having a gaggle of children armed with water weapons chase you around laughing and giggling? (the answer is not much).

This guy came prepared, with his rain jacket and super goggles, he was invincible!
Waygooks with water guns = good times.

Thanks to my friend Fanus for a few of the photos!  Check this out for other fun festivals to attend in Korea.

What is your favorite festival? Anyone have any fun festival stories, I would love to hear about them!

14 thoughts on “Enjoying the Ulsan Water Gun Festival

  1. It was really fun! I wonder if they will make it an annual thing or not. I think they had enough people to make it well worth it. It was really nice to just go and have a good time with a bunch of strangers.

  2. I really like my life in Korea, and teaching here has been both a wonderful and challenging experience. I would highly recommend it. I went through footprintsrecruiting, but I know their are other agencies that will help you with the application process.

    The expat community here is large, but also feels small because everyone seems to know everyone else. Coming to Korea has been one of the best choices I have made.

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