Lost in Translation: Epic English at Korean Coffee Shops

Merriam – Webster Definition
            coffee: a dark brown drink made from ground coffee beans and boiled water.  (just about the most boring description ever!)

My Definition
             coffee: a delicious nectar of a chocolaty hue, prepared to perfection, with the unique ability to make the world a better place in a matter of moments. the modern equivalent of ambrosia (food of the Greek gods), although sadly without the ability to grant immortality……..or so we think.

I am not sure why coffee shops in Korea try so hard to have English posted all over their walls, doors, mugs, etc…

Usually it results in epic translation failures or gibberish. I find both intensely amusing. 

The only other thing I enjoy more than actually drinking my cup of coffee at a shop, is reading the signs on the wall.

Coffee Brick: my favorite coffee shop (in Ulsan)

It’s my favorite solely because of these….

While this particular translation fail is my favorite (something to do with black like my soul and the correlation with a lack of coffee), the translation fails do not stop here.

Oh dear, I don’t even know what to say about this one.

ummmm…….. I will just have a normal coffee, thank you.

A Particularly Nice Mug

“Your body and your mind upgrade,” okay, sounds good to me.
Click here for one of the best translation fails in history!

“Just coffee. Black – like my soul.” Does anyone else feel this way about coffee? Or is my addiction really that bad…..

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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