2014 Birthday Bash: Busan, Baseball and…Hello Kitty?

Merriam – Webster Definition
              birthday: a day when someone is born or the anniversary of that day.

My Definition
              birthday: when grown women have the legitimate excuse to act like children, while wearing giant hair bows and epic Hello Kitty t-shirts. 

Birthday Bash in Busan


– HK apparel (hello kitty for those of you who don’t know, that’s how we say it in the ROK).
– HK loot bags (a must for every successful party).
– MASSIVE bows 
– a child’s spirit
– shouting
– baseball tickets
– chicken, beer, and pizza
– good friends
– love motel (insert feisty cat sound) booked for the birthday girls

Important: pre-party preparations
Loot bags, check-uh!

HK themed nail polish and hair bows, check-uh!

fixing the perm-uh ……..pre-bow (FYI: perm-uh is now synonymous with hair because of The Haylia).

And the country girls are off to Busan

Surprise!! Loot bags on the train.

We ran into Hayley’s man friend in Nampodong, ohhhh, a birthday kiss!
“Don’t be hitting on my man!” Look out! Kitty fight! 
Birthday Bingsu 빙수

We had so many fun activities planned for our birthday bash. Upon our arrival in THE Busan, we fueled up with some delicious mango patbingsu before commencing with our itinerary. 

We really needed our energy because some epic adventures transpired (at the trickeye museum).

 The excitement began immediately as Dana found herself cut in two by a big man with a face painting fetish and large scimitars. Luckily, this is Korea (plastic surgery center of the world) and we were able to find someone to make her whole again.

We rescued Dana, just in time to watch Liz become invisible and disappear into the wall. She never let on that had such talents, I’m jealous. I can still Hayley’s cries, “Liiiiz! Don’t goooo!!”

Dana and I accidentally ingested some Alice in Wonderland potion, she grew bigger and I shrunk.

Liz and Hayley didn’t learn from our mistake and found themselves in a similar situation of odd proportions.

I took a detour while the others were distracted in order to become a painting. Oh, to be immortalized on canvas by a master!

Liz took a stroll on beautiful cobbled streets (however, I think her umbrella was meant for a shorter person, perhaps a Korean?). 

We gathered back together after recuperating from our various solo activities.

Suddenly, we were attacked and our heads were covered with sacks, making fighting back a difficult feat. 

We must have blacked out from lack of oxygen (and general shock) when, after an indeterminate amount of time had passed, the smell of salt water assaulted our nostrils. The bags covering our vision were finally removed. We had been press-ganged into service on a “ship” bound for the open seas.

Luckily, the numbers were in our favor, we mutinied and were able to sail her back towards land.

 However, the winds had other plans. A tempest blew up out of the deep blue nothingness, and whisked us away to a deserted island. On this particular island all inhabitants immediately sprout wings and turn into fairies. 

Time passes differently there, we were gone for no more than a few minutes, but it felt like years and years of butterflies and fairy dust.

We eventually came out of our fairyland stupor, enough to jump on our “ship” and sail back to the mainland. However, our time away was not without its consequences. Liz seemed to be suffering from some gravitational issues.

 Sometimes after a harrowing experience, you simply need to sit down on a bench in front of Cupid and a giant heart and contemplate the wonderful friends you have in your life. Friends that will go to hell and back with you, and will even wear gigantic hair bows to celebrate your birthday (and embarrass themselves on the streets of Busan).

After a press-ganging and a fairyland adventure, we thought we had surpassed our “life threatening experiences” quota for the day. 
But we were wrong. 

Before we could even move away from cupids little grassy cove, a giant sea serpent exploded from the water and whisked away with Liz and Hayley. Their screams filled the air. 

The brave souls struggled with all their might, luckily, Hayley was wearing her HK T-shirt. As we all know, sea serpents have a strong aversion to Hello Kitty attire. The serpent hissed in anguish, dropped them into the roiling waves, and swam away into the deep to recover from the trauma.

We could hear their shouts for help from the shore. Dana and I looked at each other, grabbed hands and concentrated. We gathered all of the residual fairyland energy from our beings and magically sprouted angel wings (plus a bicycle. Angel wings always come with a bicycle).

The Bicycle Brigade to the rescue!

Kelleen immediately began her meditation sequence to send us any left over fairyland energy she possessed. With combined efforts. the rescue was a success. Go team work!

Other activities for the afternoon included……

Dana getting a bit distracted, perv-uh!
Kelleen and Hayley testing out their acrobatic cliff skiing skills,
Liz, Hayley, and I teleporting to the jungles of Borneo to visit some friends, 

Hayley teaming up with superman to save us from a dinosaur attack, 

Dana and I embracing our inner panda,

Liz and Dana stealing a car for an impromptu road trip,

a little kung fu fighting,

a little more kung fu fighting, 
another daring rescue from yet another sea monster,

a quick stop at the red carpet for our movie debut,

and last but least, I was bitten by a mutated spider and this happened.

After such an exhausting (yet fun) afternoon, there was nothing else to do but grab some beer and pizza and head to a Lotte Giants baseball game.

Mid game, we witnessed a big screen fan staring contest. What a wonderful idea. I think baseball stadiums should implement this back home. I might actually attend baseball games if they included a few staring contests.

A Lotte Giants game is not complete without bright orange headgear. 

Only in Korea do birthdays include Hello Kitty AND baseball. Thanks Busan for wonderful day!

12 thoughts on “2014 Birthday Bash: Busan, Baseball and…Hello Kitty?

  1. Wow, the trickeye museum looks like such an amazing place! 🙂 Is it a popular place to visit in Korea or are there perhaps even many similar museums there? I love the photos. They're all very funny and you all seem to have an incredibly good time in them! 🙂

  2. LOVE all the pictures, looks like so much fun! Didn't even realize until the picture of Jeanine that we have a ton of mutual friends haha. Jeanine actually stayed at my place that weekend, I believe! Looks like it was an amazing birthday! 🙂

  3. So much fun! I love how in Korea you can wear HK and giant bows any day of the year. I love the trick eye museums. I have been at least 3 or 4 times in the past 3 years! Never gets old. Looks like you had a great birthday celebration. Happy belated birthday!

  4. Thanks! I would never dream of wearing Hello Kitty back home, but I don't even blink an eye. I think this was my 2nd or 3rd time going to a trick eye museum, but I think I could go a few more times before it would even begin to get old.

  5. Not sure if my comment posted, so I'll try again! Apologies if you get a duplicate >.< These photos are hilarious! I love trick-art museums. What an adventure you had, thank God you had those Hello Kitty shirts 😉 Never thought I'd say/write that. Haha.

  6. You girls looked like you had so much fun!! I love birthdays in Korea. 🙂 I agree you can get away with way more here as an adult without being ridiculed!! haha loved all the pics.

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