Girl Time in Gyeongju: Riding Bikes with Friends

        Gyeongju is a lovely coastal city in the southeast of Korea, known specifically for Historical sites from the Silla Kingdom.

         Thankfully, it is only an hour train ride away from Ulsan. We decided that a girls day has been put off for too long, and what better thing is there to do than bike leisurely through a lovely Korean city riddled with ancient history. 

We rented bicycles from a little shop right next to the train station.

A great way to spend a lovely fall day with friends.

The Silla Kingdom burial mounds.

        As it often happens in Korea, we stumbled upon some sort of festival. I still have no idea what it was for, but I am always up for a celebration!

No words necessary.

I think I am the year of the rabbit, not very exciting, I was really hoping for the year of the tiger.

          At one of the booths I watched in awe as a woman slowly, but adeptly, spun silk thread from silk worms. 

I have no words of explanation for this family….

Deoksin and Namchang teachers 친구

“Everyone, a family photo please!”

Say, “Kimchi!!!”

  A good day with great friends!

Visit Gyeongju: Find Gyeongju tourist information here.

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