Photo Essay: Onyang Elementary Fall Festival

          Every fall the school holds a performance and all the parents are invited to attend to cheer on their children.  The acts range from Psy songs, to kpop dancing, to traditional fan dancing. There is something for everyone. 

Everyone assembled for the run through.

My girls, Sarah and Stella, smiling for the camera 🙂

Some of my C4 Afternoon girls in their choir outfits. 

Our hosts for the event, and she just happens to be one of my students 🙂

Our amazing principle, love this guy.

The kindergartners started out the show with an interesting rendition of “Mother, Father, Gentlemen,” by Psy. 

Can’t be a real performance without a little Crayon pop!!!
(Crayon Pop Youtube video)

The grade six boys doing a jump rope routine. The ropes were moving so fast you could barely see them, and I was convinced someone was going to get decapitated. Thankfully, all participants survived the act.

A little Kpop here…..

A little Kpop there….

A cool drum performance, not sure why the hats have horns though. 

Nothing like a little pom pom routine to spice up the show 🙂

“Go Nathan!” So proud of my C4 Afternoon student.
Some grade six girls performing a traditional fan dance.

It was breathtaking to watch the different formations.

Busy little bees!

It isn’t a real festival without a taekwondo performance.

           It was an epic show from the songs, to the dances, all the way to the costumes. 

           The only thing that would have made it better would be an epic performance by us, the waygook (foreign) teachers. Maybe they will let us sing and dance next year?

One thought on “Photo Essay: Onyang Elementary Fall Festival

  1. hello! I just happened to see your blog. I live in Namchang and graduated from Onyang elementry school 14 years ago!! Very interesting to see your pics and writings.

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