Performance Day: My C4 Afternoon Class Killed Owl City!

Merriam – Webster Definition
         champion: a person or persons that have won a contest or competition. a militant advocate or defender of a cause.

My Definition
          champions: My C4 Afternoon class. We totally dominated performance day. We would like to thank the academy, as well as Owl City for creating a great song.

       To celebrate the end of the semester here at the Onyang Elementary Center, the Korean teachers decided to hold a performance day, where each class must perform a song of the teachers choosing. 

        Some of the children were more excited than others by the prospect, and as a rule trying to get the older kids to do this was like pulling teeth without  any anesthetic.  I barely survived the experience.

         However, I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of my C4 Afternoon class (mostly 3rd and 4th graders). They were captivated from the first phrase of Owl Cities “Fireflies,” and dove into memorizing it with gusto. 

         We spent a small chunk of each class, leading up to performance, practicing their pronunciation and working on choreography.  

          The time for them to step onto the stage approached, and I am happy to say they sang their little hearts out, and killed the performance! 

           I am also delighted to announce that they won first place. We are the Champions!!!

My adorable C1 Evening kids getting into the Jingle Bells!

The little guys all covering their ears so the teachers can discuss the winners, while the older kids get in trouble for too much attitude. 

“I can’t hear you!!!!”

This picture has captured Luigi at his finest. I must admit this expression is often on his face.

          Aside from my class winning the afternoon performance, my favorite part of the day actually came during classroom cleaning time. 
          Because center is finished until February, each classroom needed to be cleaned and organized before winter camp begins in January.  The children are responsible for classroom cleaning with the teachers supervising. 

         Halfway through the cleaning period, one of my favorite students (because of his creativity), stops to look at me and says in exasperation, “Oh my grandmother…….. teacher… time, time!”  

Martin is the one covering his face. 

side note: Martin says “oh my grandmother” every single class when he is annoyed or frustrated with something. It is his creative alternative to using swear words I think.

        Martin stomped over to the computer and spent some time on google translate.  After a few minutes muttering in Konglish, he came over and unceremoniously handed me this piece of paper. 

I had been given his official resignation from the cleaning, what a creative kid!!

          Needless to say I burst into laughter! 

          I hereby award Martin the award of most creative student with the best sense of humor.

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