Photo Essay: Wintertime Fun and Market Day Madness

Mikaela Teacher decided that making snowflakes and 3D snowflakes would be much more fun than studying. What is winter for if not spending time inside making epic crafts?

Tony and Martin being stubborn little rats.  “Boys, look at me! 여기 보세요!”   (Silence)

Market Day: When the children trade in their “good behavior” stamps for paper money to spend on various items……………also when pure chaos erupts. 

The twins:  “Jake….. no Jared….Jake, crap, which one are you?” asks Hayley on a daily basis. 

Tim Two, smile!

Andy, the adorable little terror of C1 Afternoon.  Always greets me with a loud, “Mikaela Teacha!!!” followed by the secret handshake.

Elizabeth the Bear

Mario photo bombing the teachers.

Nathan being super excited about the scotch scrubbers his mother instructed him to “buy” with his stamp money.

Ttttom ready and waiting for Harold to serve the ball in an epic game of floor ping pong (yes, that is the correct spelling of his name, I guess there was already a Tom).
Tim Two with the photo bomb. Luna was not happy with him.
Rachel, the Korean teacher for the champions, C4 Afternoon.

Chloe, my C5, C1, and C4 collaborator. 

“Teacha, teacha,  poto please!!”
She can’t speak much English, but Mina always helps me carry my things from class to class. So sweet!
Our Korean mother. We just found out that she will be leaving the center.  “Heart Breaking” 

친구  (friend)

Eric, one of the few kids that I have been able to teach, “What’s up?” and  “Nothing much!”

Typical Luigi. Yes, his name is Luigi. 

This is Donnie, and I have decided that he is the cutest kid in Korea.

Brian and SM Entertainment discussing the pricing of market day items.

Black, one of my favorite students trying to negotiate pricing with Jenny Teacher. “Teacha, can I have a discount please?”

Kira and Leah, my C1 cuties. 

           Market Day was a success, and I even made off with some delicious goodies that the children “bought” for me. 

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