A Little Fun in Busan: Traversing a Hillside Art Village

The new KTX train advertisement. 
        With the sun blazing down, and the heat rising you would think that Rachel and I would search out some lovely indoor (air conditioned) activities. Instead, we decided to take the KTX train to Busan for the day.

         There is this beautiful community nestled into a hillside overlooking the ocean, the Gamcheon Culture Village, an out of the way treasure of Busan. While I wouldn’t recommend walking around in the blistering heat (like us), it’s an enchanting place full of quaint, colorful houses and winding alleyways.

It really doesn’t get much better than a plant potted in a pair of jeans 🙂
        While the buildings are more colorful than is usual in Korea, the real draw are the art displays, the beautiful creations hidden here and there amongst the houses.

Hanging out with some new friends, nice view from the ledge.

            This village has decided that instead of tearing down houses and redeveloping the area, they should focus on preservation and the rejuvenation of Gamcheon, providing a place for professional artists to work with the residents in creating an enriched community. 

        Despite the heat, we enjoyed exploring the backstreets and alleys, discovering the unique works of art hidden around each corner.

The parasols saved our lives, literally! The heat was oppressive, but the shade of the parasol provided at least a momentary respite from the sun.

Follow the arrows, painted on houses, signs, and any surface really.  It was like being on a treasure hunt, following the clues to the next display.

          Along our alley tour we came upon the “House of Light”, and decided we should leave out mark along with the hundreds of other messages. 

         This beautiful project was started by someone in memory of a hard-working father, but turned into something that all residents could contribute to. There are times when I really wish I could understand Korean, I would have liked to read the words written on the pieces of re-purposed wood.

          Time for a workout break, since the walking around, up and down stairs wasn’t quite enough. These are the little stations where I always see the ajummas (little old ladies) spending their time. The machines have absolutely zero resistance, I think walking really is a better workout. 

          I am not sure who decided it would be a good idea to put a bench in a tiny alley, but they were obviously a genius!! Best place for overheated visitors walking around, a nice shady spot to cool off. Although, I might recommend some artwork on the salmon colored wall. 

         Time for a rest after a lovely (but hot) morning traipsing around the village. We made a new friend at the community center. 

I think her name is Martha.

She is a very nice, if not overly tired, lady.

         What a lovely day spent in a lovely place. 

Take the subway (line 1) to Toesong-dong station, walk out exit 6. Take a taxi, tell them Gamcheon, it will take about five minutes and cost around 3,000 won.

2 thoughts on “A Little Fun in Busan: Traversing a Hillside Art Village

  1. Yes, do it!! We really enjoyed ourselves, but I think it would have been even better had the heat not been so oppressive. The weather is perfect now for a little trip to a colorful village.

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