Rice Cooker Magic: Pumpkin Surprise

Merriam – Webster Definition:
            challenge: to confront or defy boldly. to call out to duel or combat.

My Definition:
              challenge: contending with the various ingredients for pumpkin bread, wrestling them into the rice cooker, and praying to the god of baked goods to not be struck down with lightning for failing to use an oven.     

         I received a birthday package from a friend back home the other week. Inside was a box of Baker’s Corner Pumpkin Muffin Mix. It was a sweet idea, this friend knows I have a serious weakness for pumpkin bread, and it is always nice to get goodies in the mail from home.

        I was super excited until I remembered………….oh, I live in Korea……… which means I don’t have an oven to bake it in. (Most apartments in Korea don’t come with an oven).  My mood immediately fell as I listened to the pumpkin bread call my name, mocking me with its pumpkiny goodness.

         I am not one to back down from a challenge, I rather enjoy them in fact. 

Challenge: confront, defy, and vanquish the pumpkin bread by whatever means possible. One must do what one must do.

        My co-worker and I set upon this task together, serious team work and focus are necessary when pumpkin bread in as stake.

In Korea. when you literally have one foot of counter space, the floor simply becomes a giant counter. 

           Hayley and I successfully combined all ingredients directly into the rice cooker, and then looked at each other……

            Hayley: “Now what?”

            Me: “Ummm…….we turn it on and wait? I think we have to push the button twice?……”

Waiting, waiting, pretty sure we had to push the button about six times because it kept turning off. My hopes for delicious pumpkin bread dwindled.

        What does one do in Korea when waiting for pumpkin bread to successfully (or unsuccessfully) cook in a rice cooker? 

        Apply Korean foot masks and face masks of course.

These masks are by far in my top ten favorite things about Korea. They feel so wonderful!

        With the delicious spicy smell of cooked bread filling the air, we looked at each other, and decided to see if our experiment worked.

        Eating pumpkin bread while wearing a ginseng hydrating mask ended up being more of a battle than the actual cooking.

        Thanks to amazing team work and wills of iron, our second cooking expedition was a complete success!


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