Boryeong Mud Festival: Oh, the Insanity

Merriam – Webster Definition
             insanity: a deranged state of mind usually occurring as a specific disorder. something utterly foolish or unreasonable. 

My Definition
              insanity: when hundreds of waygooks (foreigners) and Koreans gather on the beach for one purpose and one purpose only. MUD! 

Boryeong Mud Festival 2013

          Upon my arrival in Korea, I was promptly informed by my co-worker, Hayley, that we would be going to Mud Fest, as it is considered the most popular festival for foreigners in Korea. I was so overwhelmed by all the new information that I agreed without really knowing what I was getting myself into.

           Now I know. Boryeong Mud Festival is a genius idea some person came up with that allows hundreds of adults to behave like little children and indulge in a good old fashioned mud fight. 

          Side Note: I have noticed a trend in Korea for festivals that involve getting covered with some type of substance (Holi Hai Festival).

          There are usually many foreigners at the various festivals in Korea, but I have never seen so many all in one place before. Weird, I had to remind myself that I was, in fact, still in Korea. 

          The bus from Enjoy Korea dropped us off at our pension in Boryeong in the early afternoon. Seven to eight people to a room with no beds, we were warned we would be sleeping traditional Korean style. Which just so happens to be a blanket and pillow on the floor. 

          After the six hour bus ride everyone was itching to dump the bags in the rooms, put on swimsuits, and head to Daecheon beach to let the fun begin.

         We were so excited, and upon the advice of a fellow mud-fester, turned right at the beach path to find the mud. The guy had a nasty little smirk on his face when he told us which way to go. Sketchy…

Really? This is it? 

          The four small basins of mud led us to believe we had been mislead. Word to the wise, never take advice from people with nasty, smirky expressions on their faces, they are not to be trusted. We were momentarily disappointed…

          But, since the mud was there…

         Why not let the mud slinging begin?

           Why is it so wonderful to feel like you are five years old again? 

           Thanks to the impromptu mud flinging, our spirits were raised enough to try and find the actual festival area.


           Hundreds of people + mud + sand + ocean + alcohol + = the epitome of insanity.  

           Luckily, I decided not to drink much during the day.  Sunshine, heat, and excessive drinking just don’t mix well for me, however, it is immensely entertaining to watch the people for whom they do “mix well” 🙂

It’s really difficult to stay in a group, this pic was right before we lost the girls for the next four hours.

Time to take a rest.
Nothing like a little beach soccer, so much fun! Girls vs. Boys – Hayley and I totally dominated!

Can you tell that all the foreigners in Korea shop at H&M?

Not only was there mud, but you could also get painted with colored mud, you know, just in case the giant mud pit and slides weren’t enough.

           I ended up spraining my foot while playing beach soccer, it’s much more difficult than you would think. (The beach soccer, not the foot spraining). 

            After my second hospital visit this month you might ask, was it worth it? Yes, yes it was.

          Boryeong Mud Festival 2014 might need to be added to my to do list for next year.

        Feel free to comment and share any funny Mud fest stories you might have!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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