Diary of a 5th Grader: Boys vs. Girls

Merriam – Webster Definition

            originality: freshness of aspect, design, or style.  the power of independent thought or constructive imagination.

My Definition
            originality: when a child’s brain locks on an image and produces a cannibalistic baby, the marriage of two hands, and the extinction of grade 4.            

        It’s time once again for another presentation of my students’ ingenuity and creativity.

         I have to admit, I have been running out of ideas for the kids diary entries, so this past week I found some random pictures online and told the kids they had to write about the picture.

         I am always amazed at what my students come up with.  This week I was reading their entries and was struck with the dramatic differences between the boys and the girls. I am lucky to get more than a three word sentence from the boys, while the girls are filling a whole page with the dramatic tale of a shark eating baby.

         The comparison is quite humorous. 

Student 1 : Iris – The Shark Eating Baby called Boo

Student 2 : Sarah  –  The Love Story of a Hand Zebra 
So romantic!! I love happy endings.
Student 3 : William – Death Comes by Fire
The girls in grade 4 class 2 better watch out, this kid is not happy with them.
        You have to love the creative genius of young children, even when it involves wearing shark skin, and eradicating an entire class of girls by fire. 
         I have noticed that William’s writing tends to revolve around darker subject matter, but to be honest, between flaming horse fireman, and eating lizard zombie brain, I think I have to give the kid an +A for originality.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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