Jinha Beach: Hidden Treasure of Ulsan

Merriam – Webster Definition:
              beach: a shore of a body of water covered by sand, gravel, or larger rock fragments. A seashore area.

My Definition:
               beach: a sunny, sandy, and salty place of peace, fun, and relaxation.  The best place for me to indulge my inner self who in a past life, as my friends have told me numerous times, was a worshipper of Apollo (Olympian god of the sun).     

            I do realize that Ulsan is usually not at the top of most peoples “I want to live here” list, especially with cities like Seoul and Busan in the mix. I, however, specifically chose Ulsan as my new temporary home. Fortunately for me, Ulsan has it’s own hidden treasures. 

              I am lucky enough to live 10 minutes away from one of them. While many head off to Haeundai or Gwangalli Beach (Busan) to partake in the many sunshine inspired activities, I prefer the more laid back, and uncrowded vibe of Jinha Beach (Ulsan). 

          All you have to do is hop on the good ol’ 715 bus, and ride it until you can’t go any further (there is a big blue wet thing that stops any onward progress).

           Apparently I am not the only one that thinks Ulsan beaches have something to offer that top the overly touristy beaches in Busan.  

           The Professional Windsurfers Association held the 2013 World Cup right here, at Jinha. There were tents set up along the beach from at least 20 different countries.  With some quick (but thorough) reconnaissance we discovered in which tents the cutest surfers were, and that to get to the bathroom you needed to walk past France and turn right at Turkey.  A group of us stayed for the day relaxing and watching the activity.  

          One thing I love about Korea is that I am always stumbling across something that I didn’t plan on.  Like the beyond beautiful sand art we discovered while traipsing along the beach. 

            I am a personal fan of sand castle making, and it is part of my life philosophy that one can never be to old to partake in it. Although I can’t really label these as “castles” per say, they still rank quite high in the various sand creations I have witnessed. 



2 thoughts on “Jinha Beach: Hidden Treasure of Ulsan

  1. Hello Mikaela,
    i found this blog when i was searching on Ulsan city when i comparing between Ulsan and Gwangju and till now i can't choose between them 😦

    it's very nice report as i born and live in a coastal city but in Egypt 🙂 so i attract to the seas by natural
    i hope to you all the good luck

  2. Hello Fatma,
    I am so glad you found my blog. Yes, I had the same problem choosing between Busan and Ulsan.

    If you love the sea, either Ulsan or Busan would be a good choice. In Gwangju you would be farther away from the sea.

    Good luck with your decision!! and thanks for reading!!!

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