Lost in Translation: how grumpy are you?

Merriam – Webster Definition

               translation: an act, process, or instance of translating. A rendering from one language into another.  The product of such a rendering.

My Definition:
               translation: the act or process of breaching linguistic barriers, sometimes requiring herculean effort.  An endeavor that provides unending amusement and much laughter.  The perfect remedy for grumpiness. 

         Please keep reading, especially if you are a foul mood ready to (metaphorically) decapitate the next person who dares look at you the wrong way.  I won’t even try to imagine what will happen to the person who actually tries speaking to you, please read for the remedy for moodiness.

         I was browsing the home goods section at my local mart today, and stumbled upon one of my absolutely favorite things about Korea.  It is actually pretty normal to see English, written on a sign here or there, or sometimes a food label. The Koreans love to use it for various products, with much enthusiasm, it’s just that sometimes their efforts get lost in translation. 

       Side note: my local mart changed its name and changed it’s layout. Why do grocery stores insist on doing this? Just as I was finally getting used to, and feeling comfortable with, my Korean grocery store shopping, they change everything on me. It’s incredibly disorienting. I didn’t like it when Cub foods did the same thing, I believe I was even mildly depressed at the time. 

          As I was saying, while perusing the various unnecessary but desirable household goods, I stumbled upon a translation that has become, no exaggeration, the highlight of my week. 

          Yes, this is a picture of a toilet seat with a cat face. Decorated and designed toilet seats are generally quite popular here. I thought it was funny, but then noticed some small writing printed on the end of the seat.  I leaned in for a closer look to read what one could possible want written on one’s toilet seat cover.

          On a scale of 1 to 10, how is the grumpiness now? 

        After a long week, still recovering from my recent bout with sickness, who knew that finding a toilet seat cover is all it would take to brighten up my mood.

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