Skip to the Loo……but which one?

         Cultural differences come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes it can be difficult to understand how exhausting it is to be constantly faced with choices one is not accustomed to. Even the simplest of acts back home can turn into a confusing, convoluted mess in an unfamiliar environment. 

          For example, one would think that using the restroom is a pretty straightforward and simple act. This is not always the case.

         I am sometimes thrown back by how two seemingly opposite things can so easily coexist.

        Exhibit A: The school bathrooms. 

        The Center (my building), does not have any western style toilets, and while I have been forced to use other kinds on my travels, I always avoid them whenever possible. 

        Hence, I walk from the Center to the main school building because its bathroom choices are more varied. There are two options that, to me, are quite funny when viewed side by side. 

       Option A.

        Option B

        I always opt for toilet B, but I stay away from the buttons on the left side. The squatty-potties do not offer themselves up as the best choice, but I must say, I do prefer my toilets to be button-less. 

Side Note: Public restrooms in Korea often do not provide toilet paper or soap. Carrying your own form of the these two amenities with you is highly recommended.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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