Memorial Day: Lotte Giants

         I had no idea how huge baseball is here in Korea. It is actually even more popular right now than soccer.  

         We descended upon a Lotte Giants game last week. Everyone had Thursday off, Memorial Day, and so a group of foreigners from Ulsan took the train to Busan for the game.  

         Hayley and I thought that in order to be “official” fans we needed to look the part.

       It was a really hot day, the sun shining at its brightest. As most of you might guess, Koreans don’t like the sun. At least, they don’t like the sun to touch their skin.  Hence the free old-lady hats that are given out for free.

This girl even brought a bow to accessorize her hat.
Others sometimes settle for an umbrella for more complete shade.

        What I found completely funny, and was amused at the entire game was how the military guys in front of us didn’t flinch. They donned the hats along with many others, even though the hats all had little hearts cut out of the side.

Look at those cute hearts. Not a very intimidating  military force, at least not with this particular head gear.

      Koreans are serious about their sports, but things got really serious at the end of the 7th inning when the trash bags were handed out.  Yes, they hand out trash bags.  How efficient for the stadium to have the crowd clean up after itself.  

        It’s true, but before any trash actually goes into the bags, they are used by supportive fans to display team spirit.  

Yes, the trash bags are on their heads.

You know the saying, “when in Rome…….”

         There is a very special technique for trash bag hair accessories.  First you swish the bag around to fill it with air. Second, you twirl it and tie it shut, trapping the air inside. Third, tie a knot. And last but not least, take the handles and wrap them around your ears securing said bag to your head. It;s an art form.

I get quite intense when watching sports.

What commitment!

        In case anyone was wondering, the Lotte Giants completely crushed the other team. Also, I think I am in love with #56. He will always be #56 because I can never remember his name…….Joon shin Baem or something……………oops…….just looked it up. His name is Sin Bon-Ki. I was pretty close.

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