Seoul for the Weekend

           In May teachers (happily) get one long weekend.  We get one Friday off due to Buddha’s birthday.  I am not so much into the whole Buddha thing, but I did not complain about the extra day off. 

            I decided that a trip to Seoul with a fellow Minnesotan was in order.  Off we went on the KTX (train) late Thursday evening, arriving at our hostel in Seoul around midnight. I still am not used to subways, and I’ll tell you, the Seoul subway system is intimidating. 

           We decided that Friday was going to be our shopping day, and we even found shoes, at a Payless, no less 🙂 As anyone who knows me really well would tell you, I have a weakness for shoes. But here it is simply nice to find something in my size for a reasonable price.

           The second most important item on the agenda: Food. 


It was delicious.

        I had been craving Mexican food all that week, and not only did we find a Taco Bell, but we found a little restaurant in Itewan that is just about as close as you can get to a chipotle burrito, without it being a chipotle burrito. It was heaven in food form!

We stopped by the local palace to look around.

         This palace is literally in the middle of the city. I loved all the courtyards, archways, and walkways. We even found a garden, and with blooming Irises and Bleeding Hearts I almost felt like I was in my own garden back home. 

This is as close as I will ever get to being royalty.

The throne room.

        One thing we noticed was how small many of the doors were. I guess it never occurred to architects at the time, that one day tall western tourists might find it difficult to walk through their asian-sized doorways.  

           It was a lovely weekend. We ate some traditional style food, walked around the traditional part of town, and watched a Buddha’s birthday performance. Pretty fun. There are many things we didn’t have time for this trip, I am hoping to check them off my to do list when I visit Seoul with my sister and roommate in August.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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