Matchy, Matchy: The Couples Outfits Phenomenon

Merriam-Webster Definition

               match: to put in a set possessing equal or harmonizing attributes. 

My Definition
               matching: the wearing of harmonizing or identical outfits, that should be used sparingly with children, and only at costume parties for adults. 

Korean Definition
              matching:  dressing in like or identical outfits, completely acceptable, and even encouraged for adults in a committed relationship.

            Possible gifts for my parents and brothers and their wives? They have special stores that sell his and hers matching clothing.  hmmmm……. how far away is Christmas…. 🙂

Here is my compendium of Korean couples, each photo sneakily taken while out and about.

Matching green jackets is a nice touch for a cloudy day, but this couple is severely lacking in creativity.

Nice plaid, but I felt they could have done more.
Not only were they wearing these matching shoes………

they were wearing THESE shirts. Extra 5 points for  the creativity.

Only matching shirts, not impressed.

Only 10 points for the matching jackets. Weak, but this couple was younger so with time I am sure they will improve their efforts.

I give this couple 30 points for matching shirts, pants, and shoes. 

20 points for the matching shirts and pants, and an extra 5 points for the matching hats.

Would you ever wear a couples outfit? Why, or why not?

13 thoughts on “Matchy, Matchy: The Couples Outfits Phenomenon

  1. Oh my gosh, so amused right now. Btw, Korean couples are Everywhere. No matter where I went in London or Paris, there they were, dressed to the nines, and always more interested in each other than the place they are presumably there to visit, lol. And if they ever stop holding hands, you wonder how serious their fight must have been . . . 😉 But seriously, missing Korea
    (a little) and you (a lot) right now.

  2. Right back at you!!! I am missing you something awful. I can't wait to hear all about your recent adventures. I especially want to know your impressions of the UK.
    Yes, they are everywhere, and they seem to break out the matching clothing with increased intensity on holidays. I have to work really hard not to laugh when I walk by 🙂 But its cute how sincere they are about it 🙂

  3. Living abroad and getting to know new cultures opens up new horizons and gives new perspectives on life.
    When I was looking at these funny pictures again it struck my mind that also a lot of Scandinavian couples wear matching outfits when they go out for their Sunday walks or when they go camping in the summer! 🙂

  4. Have you found out what the Koreans who doesn't dress in matching outfits think about the people who do?:) Or do all Korean couples wear matching outfits?

    The Scandinavian couples that wear matching outfits aren't exactly considered to belong to the cool and hip part of the society! 🙂

  5. Actually, I asked my co-worker about that. I asked her if all Korean couples do the matching thing, or if its only a few. She told me that all couples usually have a t least one matching outfit, apparently matching family outfits are a big thing as well.
    Matching couples are definitely considered “cool and hip” to the general population.

  6. Looks like it still is true that the societies of the western world are individualistic while the societies of south east Asia are collectives where it is of great importance to be part of a group. In Europe and the USA we want to stand out of a crowd and in south east Asia you want to melt into the surroundings!:)

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