Inspiration: My Korean Mom

          One of the most difficult things about living abroad is the distance it puts between myself and my mother. I am fortunate to call her friend as well as mom. 

           There is literally nothing worse than being away from home, getting sick, and not having mother dearest there to make me feel better. Even in my twenties, mom still knows best and can cure all ills. 

           I miss her, but because I miss her I am infinitely more grateful for my new Korean mom. She is the receptionist at the Center, and she takes wonderful care of me. When I am sick she gives me tea, when it’s hot I get iced coffee, when the kids are unruly she sets them straight, and most importantly when I need a smile or a hug I know all I need to do is go upstairs and find her.

Hayley and I were calling her “Teacher” but she told us that since she is not a teacher, we should call her  Un nee (which basically means older sister in Korean). 

        The day after I had my break down in class, she came into the office to make sure I was okay. She told me that she feels that I am the daughter she never had (she has two sons) and that when I am sad her heart is sad. I love this woman!


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