Dinner with the Family

            Hayley and I were invited to dinner by our Korean mom, Un nee, and her husband and one son.  I was a little afraid to be honest, since I knew the main dishes were going to be seafood. 

            I am not usually a seafood fan, in fact, back I home I always avoid it whenever possible. One simply can’t avoid seafood in Korea, however, and I am slowly overcoming my dislike and fear of it.

         Un nee announced to us that she was taking us out to eat eel, an expensive delicacy in Korea. I had already been told by several people that I needed to eat it, but just hadn’t worked up enough courage.


        I almost died, and had to plaster a smile on my face when the eel (in the red sauce) was served right along side of a couple of whole squids. This is simply not typical Minnesota fair, and I nearly choked right then and there. 

        Un nee also gave us each some of the red stuff from the white dish at the top right of the picture, we both ate it not having any clue what it was. It tasted wonderful, and we both looked at her questioningly. She thought for a moment, then pulled out her phone to look up the word in the dictionary. 


        The squid was edible, but not my favorite. However, now I know that both eel and stingray are positively delicious!!! Never ever in my entire life would I have thought that to be true, but I would eat both again. Thank you Un nee for a broadening culinary experience!

The food just kept on coming, I don’t think
I have ever been so full in my life. The raw fish in the metal bowl was actually quite good as well. 

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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