Attack!!!: the fungi wars

           I decided this past week to change around my apartment a little bit. The last teacher who lived here was male, and for some reason decided that the living room was the best place for  the dresser/wardrobe. 

        I managed to push, pull, and drag the rather large wardrobe from the living room into my bedroom, and was quite pleased with my efforts. However, upon returning to the living room I found (much to my chagrin), behind where the wardrobe had been, an unwelcome surprise……………….

Oh, mold, how I detest thee.

           A plan of action was necessary.  My coworker had mold in her apartment and got very sick from it and eventually had to move,  that will not happen to me, I refuse.

          Yesterday I arrived home from the grocery store where I had just purchased my weapons of choice. Little did the mold know that a full scale attack, that had been lurking in the back of my mind for days, was about to come to fruition.

Weapon #1

Mr. Mold, meet my little friend, Korean bleach of doom. 

Weapon #2

Scrub brush of death.

          Thus armed, with a pink rubber glove for protection, my plan commenced with vigorous scrubbing.  My mold infestation quickly became acquainted with Korean bleach of doom and the scrub brush if death.

          Side note: I accidentally  bought a left-handed rubber glove. One of the many down sides to not understanding any labels. 

          I am pretty sure that I actually scrubbed off the wall paper in this corner (not sure how my landlady will like that).

          My epic battle plan seems to be a success, I think I deserve a medal, but will happily settle for a chocolate bar.  Eradicating unwelcome presence of mold, all in a days work. 

2 thoughts on “Attack!!!: the fungi wars

  1. I heartily congratulate and commend the for thy valiant and intensively necessary juggernaut against the vile beast mold!! Save that package for the left handed glove so you can compare and get a right handed one next time! Interesting…buying one glove at a time.

  2. Oh, what a good idea to save the package. My plan for many things has been to take a picture on my ipad and carry that with me. That's actually how I bought the bleach 🙂

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