Sue: Dinner in a Korean Home

          Shortly after after arriving in Namchang, Cecilia took me to meet the woman who owns the local bedding store.  Her name is Sue, and she speaks excellent English (not very common out in the country).  During our first visit she offered us tea, and asked for suggestions for country music artists.

           During my second visit, she invited us to dinner with her family.  The three of us showed up at her store and were escorted through a door in the back, straight into their house.

           Sue had prepared some delicious Vietnamese food for us.  It was so wonderful to sit and eat dinner with a family, I have to say I do miss that.  

            The food was wonderful, but by far the best part of the evening is when Sue’s husband left the room and came back in with a guitar.  He sat down on the floor with his song book, and proceeded to play AND sing “Let It Be.”

Sue’s husband, Calvin, Erin (Sue’s daughter, myself, and Cecilia.

              I had to let my brain adjust to the reality of being in Korea, eating Vietnamese food, listening to the Beatles. Just plain weird. Awesome, but weird.

             It was a lovely evening of food, conversation, and laughter.  Sue’s daughter Erin even made each of us an origami crane out of paper she recently purchased in Japan. It’s nice to have friends in Namchang.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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