Losing it in Class: Quiet! Game over!

Well, this week has been the week for milestones. 

           Today was the first day that I was actually able to do some lesson planning for the next week. Quite momentous. Normally I am scrambling on Monday to get all my power point presentations with the new vocabulary ready that I am ridiculously frazzled all day long.  Being able to lesson plan ahead of time is the first sign that I am slowly getting the hang of things.

           Milestone two, I completely lost it in one of my classes on Tuesday.  My normally good C5 afternoon class was unusually bad.  No one was listening and I didn’t even make them do that much in our boring book, but they were misbehaving left and right.  Even though I gave them specific instructions to the contrary, some kids were sitting on the floor, others were talking, and one girl even tried reading a book while “playing” the game I worked hard to put together.

         Now, all these things began adding up during the first 35 minutes of class, but the straw that broke the camels back came at minute 36.  Complaining. Whining. 

          I am my mothers’ daughter, I do not tolerate either form of detestable speech. I lost it. I yelled, “Quiet!!! Sit Down!!! Game Over!!!!!” 

          Complaining about playing a game when I could be making them do boring book work equals no game in my classroom.  Complaining is bad, but whining makes me want to rip off my own ears. 

         When I get frustrated, unfortunately for me, I cry.  I don’t get mad and come up with a scathing lecture or start handing out punishments, the tears well up and can barely form sentences.  

          After yelling the five words I could get out, I walked out the door, down the hall, to get the secretary.  I was just barely able to explain (through the tears) my frustrations, but she understood and proceeded to march into my classroom and give my students a five minute lecture concerning their behavior. 

        I have never seen so many morose children in one place before. I am not sure what she said, but it must have worked.

        On Wednesday, I had several students come up to me and apologize, and some of them gave me wary looks that said, “I wonder if Mikaela Teacher will lose it today too?” 

        As my mother (a teacher herself) has told me, some days are just bad. However, I did receive these at the end of class today.  

Josie and Olivia were lovely enough to put their apologies in writing.


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