Green Things and Stickers

         My students are always giving me small things.  Everyday I receive a piece of candy, gum, or crackers.  One little girl, Kira, brings muffins for me baked by her mother.

       This week, from one of my First Steps students (the young ones), I received more edible presents. 

Not a clue what they are, but the one on the right was quite good.

          An adorable student from my first afternoon class, Mina, gave me a sheet of stickers today that she made in computer class. I love how Korean they are!

4 thoughts on “Green Things and Stickers

  1. My Korean relatives were always eating the one's on the left. Josh said they were really good. I wasn't sure about the flour, so I didn't eat it.
    Love the stickers . . . Naomi would die.

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