Beach Festival: Happy Holi!

              Well, Easter of 2013 found me on a beach in Busan, Korea, celebrating an Indian festival. Go figure. Happy Holi everyone!! 

Ready and waiting for the festival to begin.

         Holi is an Indian festival held every year to welcome the spring. Apparently living in Korea is not a deterrent for such an awesome festival. Let the fun begin!!! I realize I have only been here for a month, but it was weird to see so many foreigners all in one place.

Happy Holi!

         I almost forgot we were in Korea, until someone pointed out that we had become nothing short of a zoo exhibit. 

        The festival lasted from 11am until 4pm, and there was a solid wall of Koreans lining the beach watching the entire time. I am sure we are in a ton of random photos. “Look at these pictures I got of the crazy waygooks!”

Our group receiving some Indian dancing tips. This guy was awesome!

         Some of our onlookers appeared less than pleased with the general goings on, you’ll find those people everywhere I think. 

        But the best part of the day was when we looked over and saw some little old Korean women dancing along with the festival music. It was awesome! I think the woman in purple actually jumped down into the crowd for a bit too.


A great day at the beach, the sun even came out.

        Needless to say, after dancing for several hours straight on the sand, we were all exhausted. 

        What a fun day in Busan. Happy Holi everyone!! 

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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