Silkworm Snack

Merriam-Webster Definition
                 snack: a light meal, food eaten between regular meals, or food suitable for snacking.

My Definition
                  snack: a small amount of food that is either salty or sweet, that does not consist of any type if insect. 

        This past weekend began with a wonderful dinner of Korean barbeque on Friday evening. I think it was the best barbeque I have had since arriving in Ulsan.  After dinner we decided to try out a new restaurant, having heard they serve flavored Makali (or Makgeolli), a Korean rice wine.

You drink makali out of a bowl. 

        Koreans are very into side dishes, which is wonderful because they are always free. After ordering our makali and Korean pancake thing, our side dishes were delivered to the table.  Along with soybean sprouts and popcorn we received……silkworm larvae  (a very popular snack in Korea apparently).

          Well, we couldn’t NOT try them, so the three of us women decided to brave the bugs, we prepared ourselves, and peered into the bowl to find the least offensive looking critter. Our fellow teacher, Scott, was gracious enough to document this culinary adventure.

Dig in 🙂


        I am pretty sure that the next series of pictures are self explanatory. Our feelings about larvae consumption are quite apparent. 

Wait for it………….

 Ummm……… crunch, crunch……….. explosion of juices………….and

“Quickly, where is my makali!!”

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