The Downsides of Living Alone: the uninvited house guest

Merriam-Webster Definition:
               Spider: any of the order of arachnids having the abdomen usually unsegmented and constricted at the base, chelicerae modified into poison fangs, and two or more pairs of abdominal spinnerets for spinning threads of silk for various uses.

My Definition:
               Spider: a creature that I am sure has many uses and duties to perform to stabilize the food chain, however, these duties should NEVER occur within my place of residence. I do not take lightly the presence of any creature in my home with the word “fangs” in its description. 

         As I mentioned in an earlier post, my apartment is amazing and every teacher that I have met so far gives me an open mouthed, awe-struck, and slightly envious expression when they hear how I am situated.  I love my apartment, I realize how unnatural it is, and how well off I am.

         However, there have been adjustments I have had to make that have taken every ounce of courage and strength that I possess. I have traveled quite a bit, and lived for longer chunks of time in a few of those places. But I have always lived with someone. In Germany I had a roommate (the best ever), in Costa Rica I lived with a host family, and when working on the catamaran in the Mediterranean I had cabin mates. 

       Meet Myung-Ki, my first official (uninvited) house guest. 

         Back at home the disposal of unwanted visitors was simple, I would rush from danger and find my sister. We had rather a lovely arrangement worked out. I suffer from arachnophobia and she from ophidiophobia (snakes).  

        We agreed that the disposal of spiders would be her domain, and if we should happen to find ourselves in the presence of a snake it would be my job to protect, distract, dispose……… or whatever one does when meeting a snake. I do realize that I have reaped the benefit of this as our Plymouth home next to a lake attracts no end of spiders, and we have yet to come face to face with a snake. 

        I realize that there are bigger spiders out there, much bigger, and actually dangerous. However, my dismay upon realizing the presence of the many legged creature was quite profound.

         It gives me great pleasure to announce that Myung-Ki is no longer with us, his presence shall be neither missed nor mourned. 

         There are many things about living in my own space that I love and will most likely become accustomed to. Dealing with spider disposal, I am afraid, will not be one of them. 

         Oh well, one must do what one must do. 

8 thoughts on “The Downsides of Living Alone: the uninvited house guest

  1. Mikaela, I'm loving all your posts. Not only the content, but also style in which you write. Your words flow, and I just kind of find myself floating down the page. Thank you! David

  2. Thanks Uncle David!! I am so glad you enjoy reading these. I actually am enjoying writing them more than I thought I would. They help distill my thoughts and feelings, as well as help me put things into perspective. 🙂

  3. I agree with Jennifer, fire solves most of the spider problems! 😉
    Thank you Mikaela for your wonderful blogs, I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures so far and am looking forward to continuing reading about your ways of educating the Koreans! 🙂

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