The Center

Merriam-Webster Definition:
               Center: a facility providing a place for a particular activity or service.

My definition:
               Center:  A separate building, where I sit alone all day until I teach my afternoon or evening classes.

        As some of you might not know, Koreans are very concerned about, and invest a lot into the education of their children. Hence, the center, where I work teaching supplementary afternoon and evening classes to all levels.

This is the center building, the building to the right is the main school building.

        The center consists of an office on the first floor, and the entire second floor of this building. I am discovering that most of the week, when I am not teaching, I will be sitting alone at my desk, alone in the office. Thankfully, I am not alone on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, when my co-worker Hayley is at the center. The rest of the week she teaches at a school in a nearby town, well, a nearby rice field actually. Cecilia teaches during the day in the main building and has a desk in the main building with all of the Korean English teachers.

English Center office.

        I learned on the first day of school that I am now the primary center teacher, with 22 classes a week. Hayley informed me that because we are the center we teach on our own, whereas Cecilia, who works in the main school during regular school hours, works with a Korean co-teacher.

       Whew…… talk about a lot of responsibility. Well, one must do what one must do. Perhaps I might run into a few more hiccups without the help of a Korean native in the class, but I will also have the opportunity to run my classes how I see fit.

My desk.

        What do I do with the remaining 18 hours of the work week that I am not actually in class teaching, you  might ask? After all my lesson ideas have blossomed passed the creative stages into a concrete, workable lesson plan, and after thoroughly exhausting the website (best ever), I do what every normal person of this technologically inclined era does. I facebook. Yes, I did just use it as a verb.

Wikipedia Definition:
        Facebook: a social networking service.

My Definition:
        Facebook: a verb, a thing one does when desiring to waste a few minutes……….or days.

Slippers! Just like everywhere else, we take off our shoes at school and wear some kind of slipper or inside shoe.
The center’s classrooms. I teach four out of five levels at the center. 

2 thoughts on “The Center

  1. Mikaela! Hi it's Gabrielle (Zumba Instructor from Anytime Fitness)!

    I love your blog and it seems like you are having a great time! You have a heavy schedule on your hands with 22 classes in one week. You're awesome! Keep up the great work we are looking forward to more posts 🙂


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