First Days in Korea: Grocery Shopping (or trying to)

Merriam-Webster Definition:
             Groceries: Plural form of grocery, commodities sold by a grocer.

My Definition:
             Groceries: Anything with a label I can read.

After a long day of shopping in new downtown with my coworker on Wednesday, I decided it might be a good idea to do some grocery shopping.  My breakfast consisted of a cliff bar and a handful of almonds I had brought from home. Arriving back in Namchang around dinnertime, groceries immediately jumped to the top of my to do list.  I attempted a solo visit to the store.

Talk about overwhelming!  I had no idea what to buy, and wandered confusedly up and down the isles. I found what looked like ramen noodles and snatched those up. I also came across some eggs, oranges, bottled water, tea, and soymilk.  Oh yeah, and a bottle of olive oil. 

  Looks like ramen for dinner!

I think I will get the hang of things eventually. Hopefully the locals will get used to seeing me as well.  Walking around the store you would think I was from a visiting circus for all the stares directed at me.

Cultural note: Koreans are not shy about staring. At home staring is considered rude, and you will sometimes hear parents admonishing their children not to stare. It is completely normal here, and my fellow teachers have told me to just get used to it. I have also been warned that people touching my hair and eyelashes will also happen with regularity.  

Grocery Shopping: Round 2

  I decided that I need more food than ramen, eggs, and water.  Instead of going to the store from my first attempt, I chose to try another place just down the street. This grocery store is called, of all things, Whole Mart.

            I like this store much better, the layout seems much more logical and I was even able to find chicken!

My cupboards and fridge don’t look quite so sparse anymore.  I have to watch my money because we only get paid once a month, so I will not get paid until the end of March.  I also have to wait for my ARC registration card to arrive before I can get paid as well.  Thankfully, we get lunches at school during the week.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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