Wanderlust: The Traveling Never Ends

Merriam-Webster Definition

Wanderlust: Strong longing for or impulse toward wandering.

My Definition
Wanderlust: A serious disease for which there is no hope of a cure. However, specialists have indicated that frequent travel helps to alleviate the worst symptoms.

My current location Ulsan, Korea, is the direct result of the aforementioned affliction.  Wanderlust is a serious condition, one that I contracted when I was 12 years old and visiting a good friend in Beijing, China. Yes, many people thought my parents were crazy for sending me across the world at such a young age, but my parents have never tried to hold me back from my dreams even though those dreams might be unconventional. 

A Costa Rican Sunset.

My parents supported my trip to Brazil, my living and working in Germany, my studying in Costa Rica, my backpacking around the mediterranean, and now teaching ESL in South Korea.

Backpacking in Slovenia.

Travel, the only successful treatment for wanderlust is not without its hardships. One of these being the slight tearing of the soul as my plane took off from the MSP airport on Saturday the 23rd.  It is not a comfortable thing to feel always torn between the home you love, the people you adore, and the great unknown that constantly beckons.

Sailing through the Corinth Canal on Pacific Bliss.

Despite the discomfort, I am excited about this opportunity to live and work in South Korea and all the adventures that come with it.

Loving life in South Korea!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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